Friday, April 11, 2008

Radio Show Friday, April 11 8-10am

Ella Fitzgerald - A Tisket A Tasket
Tex Williams - Suspicion
Basia Bulat - In the Night
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Constipation Blues
Billy Bragg - The Beach Is Free
The Spinners - It's A Shame
Ruth Brown - Teardrops From My Eyes
A Girl Called Eddy - The Soundtrack of Your Life
Clarence "Frogman" Henry - Ain't Got No Home
Golden Palominos - I'm Not Sorry
Acid House Kings - This and That

I had a mostly uneventful radio show today. But I was excited about playing that David Bowie song. I don't know anything about David Bowie. I mostly learn about his music through other artists who cover his song. But I do love "Queen Bitch." But like with Bob Dylan, I don't even know where Bowie era to begin with. It seems like his music has changed so much that it's all too overwhelming.

Last night, I went to see Shelby Lynn. I just don't get her. She has some CRAZY obsessed fans who were much more entertaining to watch than Lynn. But I just don't get what the fuss is all about. Her voice was nice and all, but she never belted it out Neko-Case-style which is what I wanted her to do. And she wore a freakin' business suit. Who the heck performs at the Artscenter in a freakin' business suit? But on the way home, I listened to Clarence "Frogman" Henry. His song, "Ain't Got No Home" makes me very happy and makes me dance with my shoulders.

I am still in a bad mood over this computer, so it's hard for me to express any joy over my radio show.

Here's the link to the entire playlist.


rossi said...

Re: David Bowie, get the album, "Hunky Dory".

Marsosudiro said...

Did you ever hear Al Stewart's concert recording of "The Year of the Cat"? In his long intro, he mentions Clarence "Frogman" Henry. It's funny.

Elizabeth said...

I like Allison Moorer , Shelby's sister, better, but her albums are hit and miss. I'll burn one for you.

Anonymous said...

hunky dory is my fave bowie album too