Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Cannot Believe This

Now, when I was complaining last night about my computer, I had no idea that it would take revenge on me.

I had left my computer on overnight which I sometimes do. When I sat down at my desk this morning, I noticed that it had a black screen instead of the usual screen saver.

Oh no.

I tried to get it out of sleep mode with no luck, so I manually shut it down. Then it wouldn't restart. After many attempts, I finally got it started in safe mode, but once I was in safe mode, I couldn't do anything. No system restore. Nothing. So, I shut it down. It shut down cleanly, but now, nothing. It won't restart. It will power on, but all I get is a black screen.

That damn computer died! This is the second HP laptop that I have owned that has just died. At least this one waited a couple weeks later than the first one and died after I finished tax work for my clients.

My six-month warranty on that PIECE OF SHIT just ended LAST WEEK.

So, I have to buy a new computer. Bye-bye summer vacation.


rossi said...

HPs, unfortunately, are notorious for breaking. They're more expensive up front, but I've found Thinkpads to be a much better investment in the long run. I've only ever used two laptops and they have both been Thinkpads. The first one I used for *five years* before finally giving it back to my employer because I was quitting. Then last year I bought myself a T60M which has had no hardware problems at all. They end up being cheaper in the long run because they last forever.

As always, do some research to make sure the latest batch is still as good. RG works with Thinkpads at work all the time--he's a good guy to ask.

Charlotte said...

I have a ThinkPad T61 at work which I *love.* It's an awesome little computer. I think that I will probably end up getting something similar for home. I am definitely never getting an HP again. (Sorry, Drew.)

Marsosudiro said...

Condolences. And thank you to Rossi for advice.

Charlotte said...

I spent the afternoon at Skip's house. No luck. I'm leaving the computer with him for the next few days, but it doesn't sound good.

I stopped by the office today and I brought my work laptop home so I can use it tomorrow to get my other work done.

christa said...

i think you should call HP and BITCH LIKE HELL. tell them that you've been a loyal customer, but no longer -- you've been kicked in the ass one too many times. seriously. raise a ruckus. give 'em hell until they agree to send you a new computer.

they owe you that much.

Charlotte said...

HP doesn't give a rat's ass. When the hard drive failed on my last HP laptop, it was all still under warranty. I paid alot of money for the type of warranty where if I ran over the thing on purpose, they would send me a new laptop.

But when I called and explained to them the problem and explained to them the steps that I had taken th solve the problem, they didn't believe me. They kept telling me to reboot the machine. The person was defensive and stupid. It took forever to convince the person to send me a new hard drive so that I could replace it.

Complaining to HP would do nothing, but just make me more frustrated. HP doesn't give a shit. If they did, they'd make a better laptop.

Gye Greene said...

Suckage. I feels for ya. Computers dyin' on ya is the pits.


Gye Greene said...

Hey -- well, clearly you're having a happy life.

I've noticed that many people drift away from blogging once they partner up, or generally become happy and satisfied.

So: good. :)