Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Blog Tag: Ronnie Lane

This weekend has been a Ronnie Lane weekend. I got a little drunk last night and ended up buying a very expensive out-of-print Ronnie Lane LP online. Amazon One-Click is dangerous.

I also bought two Faces CDs at CD Alley today.

I love Ronnie Lane.

Why is his music so hard to find? Where is my Ronnie Lane box set? Why can't I find some good ukulele chords for "Ooh La La" online?


Elizabeth said...

what did you get??

I love the Faces too. But I like Ronnie Wood.

Charlotte said...

I got Ooh La La and a Best of.

But I am most excited about my $50 Ronnie Lane LP. But I won't share it with you since you're not a fan.


Charlotte said...

Oh, I have some uke chords now for Ooh La La. If the HDHDs haven't broken up, I'd like for us to adopt that song. I'll sing it.