Friday, February 8, 2008

Stress + Work = Messing Things Up

Ok. If you have asked me to do something for you or if you have scheduled a meeting with me or if you have asked me to do something with you, I have forgotten what it is.

I don't usually cuss on my blog, but let me just say that all this work stress is making me fuck up royally. I have missed meetings & appointments & outings & deadlines. I even forgot to pick up a friend's mail while he was out of town for two weeks. And I missed an important non-work meeting. And my nephew's birthday.

I am just really fucking up.

Just don't ask me to do anything for awhile.


Gye Greene said...

Yergh. I feel for ya.


Joe said...

Sorry the stress monster is in full attack mode... come back soon Charo, I love to read about your little radio show.--JN

Mitchell said...

charlotte: been meaning to email you, since i saw you at the light on broad street, & since i promised you some dylan info some time ago. if you get a chance, go to my blog i just posted a dylan thing for somebody.

i need to make you some dylan cds. i think you will love them. i know yer busy, so whenever. come by fishmonger's for a relaxing beer.

take care,