Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas To Me!!!!

I bought some new shoes! For bowling. Pink and silver. Ooh la la!

And I got my own ball. The guy at the bowling store convinced me to get a fingertip grip. We'll see how that goes. I wanted this blue one.

My goal is to break 100 in at least half my games in 2008! Go Gutterglory!


Maggie said...

Cuuuute shoes! What exactly is a fingertip grip?

Charlotte said...

The fingertip grip is different from the conventional grip in that the holes are lined with rubber and fit snugly so that only the first knuckle of your fingers fit into the ball.

The conventional grip allows for more of your fingers to fit inside the ball.

Supposedly you can get better control and better curves using a fingertip grip.

The bowling store guy recommended it. And another guy in the store. They said that it would be extremel different from what I'm used to and that I will need to bowl over and over and over until I can get used to it... hopefully before the season starts.